“Bridge Type” CNC Jig Grinders

NASA Machine Tools offers completely remanufactured, CNC, continuous path jig grinders, including original frames of all sizes.

NASA-Remanufactured, Moore G-48, CNC Continuous Path Moore Jig Grinder (X, Y, C and U Axes)

The many models we carry include:

Moore No. 3 G-18 G-32 450's
G-48 Series 1000 All Moore Fosdick size machines


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All standard features and more

FANUC or FAGOR CNC Conctrol Systems

FANUC or FAGOR CNC Conctrol Systems

High Speed Spindles from 9,000 to 175,000 RPMs

High Speed Spindles from 9,000 to 175,000 RPMs

Table Hand Scraped to within .000050" flatness

Table Hand Scraped to within .000050" flatness

"Bridge Type" jig grinder Special features:

  • Absolute Programmable "U" Axis Outfeed with Home and limit Switches
  • Automatic "C" Axis Normalcy and Planetary Modes
  • New Main Spindle Bearings
  • Precision Roller Bearing Way System
  • Complete Geomatry Correction to Include Flatness, Squareness, Parallelism, and Perpendicularity
  • AC. Digital Drives and Motors
  • USB Port
  • FANUC or FAGOR CNC Control System with Color LCD Flat Screen
  • Ultra Precision Ballscrews Submersed in Oil
  • Power Elevation of the Spindle Housing

All of our CNC Moore jig grinders include the following standard features in addition to many more:

  • Fully programmable X, Y, C and U axes
  • Ultra precision ball screws
  • Precision roller bearing way system
  • Automatic "C" axis normalcy
  • Programmable chop grinding and planetary modes
  • State-of-the-art electronics
  • Accordion way covers
  • Entire mechanical rebuild
  • .000010" resolution
  • Guaranteed accuracies to the millionth of an inch

Even if a model is not listed, it may be available, so contact NASA today and let our experienced staff help you determine the most efficient and cost-effective jig grinder to meet your needs.